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is a desktop publishing system developed by Microsoft Corporation. It is an entry-level application that differs from Microsoft Office Word in that its emphasis is on designing page layout rather than on layout and text checking. Microsoft Publisher is the software that is part of the Microsoft Office suite.

The first version of the package was developed in 1991

By simply browsing through the elements of branding-color, font, emblem, and business information-and applying them to all the contents of Office Publisher 2007, you can get started faster.

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  • Sales funnel
  • Client base
  • Order management
  • Product catalog
  • Call center and telephony
  • History of interaction with the client
  • Loyalty systems
  • Time Management
  • Support management
  • Open Source
  • Reports
  • Integration with email
  • Email newsletters
  • Project templates
  • The Gantt chart
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Data export/import
  • Connecting the fiscal logger
  • API for integration
  • Web forms

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